Health encompasses physical, mental and psychological aspects of human and it is very essential that the body is in a state of equilibrium with its internal and external environment. Aquatic yoga is an essential tool in healing involving the preventiveaspects. This article highlights several benefits of aquatic yoga on health based on medical research.

Improves the quality of life of the obese

Aqua yoga has been shown to be effective in improving the quality of life of an obese person in terms of five aspects. They are: physical functioning, general health, social functioning, mental health, and health transition. 

Weight reduction is the main goal in obesity management. This is in order to maintain adequate weight for health, reduce excess stress placed on the joints; as well as reduce the risk of heart diseases resulting from obesity such as atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, myocardial infarction. Heart diseases could prove fatal to health if left unchecked.

Aqua yoga allows obese people to move and practice yoga in the water in a way that is not possible on land.

Rehabilitation of athletics injuries

Aqua yoga is beneficial to the athletics in returning their body to normal functioning after they have sustained an injury either to the bone, ligaments or tendons in the body. 

Rehabilitation is an essential part of medicine and very crucial if an injured part of the body is to return to its normal functioning for effectiveness and efficiency to be achieved by the body. Athletics get injured a lot since they engage in activities that increase their chance of getting injured. Aqua yoga is effective in rehabilitating the injured parts. Immersing the body in water helps to decrease the effect of gravity on the injured part and helps realignments. Aqua yoga reduces pain, allow more range of movement, strengthens the muscles, improves balance and performance of the injured part.

Useful in the rehabilitation of mild to moderate heart failure

Aqua yoga contributes positively to blood flow in the body. Blood flow is essential to the proper functioning of the body as it is the medium and carriage for oxygen and nutrients which are the fuel needed by the body organs, tissues, and cells to carry out their function efficiently and effectively. Relaxing exercise helps venous return to the heart and improve cardiac output to support extremities and internal organs. When blood flow is effective and efficient, some certain health conditions can be prevented such as myocardial ischemia, thrombus formation, and so many others. The production of red blood cells is increased and there is more hemoglobin available to carry oxygen into the tissues.

It aids sleep

Sleep is an important part of the human, after going through the stress from work, house, and any other social activities. Yoga has been shown to improve sleeping patterns in those suffering from difficulty in sleeping (insomnia), performing aqua yoga during the day or before going to bed can help relax the body and redistribute energy around the body which helps to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and falling asleep after waking up at midnight. Aqua yoga reduces stress and anxiety which predispose one to have insomnia thereby improving sleep, and also reduces pain which can keep someone up for long and allows the brain to be more focused on telling the body to fall asleep.

Improve lungs function

The lung is an important organ necessary for breathing, without which it will be impossible for man to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Aqua yoga is useful to patients with heart problem such as congestive cardiac failure by helping them to take fewer breaths which is enough to support their body metabolic demand. The amount of oxygen taken in is sufficient to maintain the saturation level in the blood to support the metabolic demand of the body.

Good body alignment

Aquatic yoga offers us both physical and mental advantages. Physically, we strengthen and lengthen our muscles, it makes the muscles more acquainted with good center point of gravity which help in body adjustment, improve the capacity of the balance receptors in the body, Mentally it helps the mind to relax and also the chi(life forces) around us through uninterrupted steady motion thereby relieving anxiety and stress which may predispose someone to mental disorder.

In preparation of the pregnant woman for delivery

Aqua yoga is beneficial to pregnant women in the preparation for birth physically and psychological. It is very essential that the pregnant woman consults with her gynecologist to ensure she’s fit for the light exercise and the type of exercise she can make use of during the period she performs the aqua yoga for the safety of her baby which is of great concern to her and the family. It helps the pregnant woman to strengthen the muscles of the legs, the dorsal and the back which helps her to experience lesser pain during delivery.

The pregnant woman can uptake exercises such as gentle stretching, and breathing which helps strengthen the ligaments and the joints and also essential in her keeping a low cardiac pulse respectively. In the third trimester, the pregnant woman experiences more weight and submerging her body in water can help her feel lesser weight, providing relief to her. Aqua yoga if properly done also helps to reduce the blood level of cortisone.


The benefits of aquatic yoga to health cannot be overlooked and it is important to make use of it when appropriate. Consulting with your health care provider is very important to assess and for individualized yoga training because human beings have different tolerant level, therefore, know what exercise you can do or cannot do during your aquatic yoga exercises to prevent complications.



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