Maintain your immune system in tip top condition to enjoy the holidays 🙂

If you want to strengthen your immune system, delay the effects of aging and look and feel at your best, you NEED to eat a good diet, and workout everyday. There is no other way about it.

You can’t get awesome health by eating fast food and drinking soda. Contrary to what some experts say out there ‘You can eat anything you want and get fit’… I think that’s not true.

If you want extraordinary health, looking and feeling way younger than your age, you can’t disregard the diet. Evidence are well available in the documentary library if you look.

Some of these video documentaries include – Hungry For Change, Fast Food Nation, Supersize Me, Foods Matters, and the latest on Netflix is Game Changer. I highly recommend you to watch these, and google for more similar documentaries for the truth behind foods.

For more than 10 years, I had not eaten hawker or junk food. Occasionally, only very rarely, I’ll have Satay without sauce together with the family, max about 3-4 times a year. 

This is a ‘sacrifice’ for my loved ones.

I like to prepare my own meals as much as possible because I get to choose what to include and exclude. Besides sticking to whole unprocessed plant foods and a tiny bit of fish and seafood, I also follow a few major principles:

  1. Strictly no 3 whites

This is the number one principle that I used to teach in all my beginners Living Foods Workshops.

The 3 whites to avoid are – White Salt, White Sugar and White Rice/Flour.

I had not eaten any of these in more than a decade, and I intend to keep it this way as much as I can for the rest of my life. 

These 3 substances cause all kinds of bad things to happen in our body – inflammation, joint pain, insulin instability, hair loss, aging and obesity.

Here are some options to consider for replacing:

White salt: Sea salt, Black salt, organic miso

White sugar: Coconut sugar, maple syrup, yacon syrup

White rice/flour: Whole grains like oats, quinoa, millet, brown rice, cassava flour, coconut flour

  1. At least one green meal a day

This can come in the form of a green juice, a green smoothie or a large green salad. 

I pre-make my green juices and freeze them. Before consuming, simply remove it from the freezer and set it in a dark corner of the cupboard (in a plastic bag to collect the condensation)

  1. Methods of cooking

Salads are usually prepared raw, you want to consume greens in their most unadulterated form as much as possible. Sometimes when you have tougher greens like Kailan (which is simply asian kale), blanching and steaming is good enough.

The methods I prefer most are steaming, blanching, boiling (in the case of soups), stir-frying with the right oils (see below), baking and light grilling (meaning no charring)

  1. As much as you can, stay away from these oils in your cooking:

All processed cooking oils (literally more than 70% of whats sold out there)

Olive oil

Sesame oil


Use these oils for light cooking like stir frying:

Coconut oil

Walnut oil

Avocado oil

This is what I eat outside if I have to:

  1. Hotpot restaurants

If the place has MSG-free soup, I’ll choose the simplest soup base like mushroom or herbal (something that there is zero to little oil) and I’ll only ask for half the soup and add plain water. This is to dilute the salt they use since they use normal salt.

If they use MSG, I’ll opt for water as soup base. Then I’ll make a dip with sesame oil, spring onion, cilantro, garlic and a cut chili. 

  1. International Buffets at hotel

For outings and gatherings, my favourites include Ritz Carton, Pan Pacific and Shangrila. I normally go for a large salad, fresh fruit, Sashimi and grilled fish without sauces. 

These might be more pricey, but for the special occasion and rare get-togethers, and not an everyday thing,  I feel it’s still alright.

And nope I don’t take any cakes or desserts 🙂 Well a few times I wanted to know how the famous cakes taste like, so I will take just a small mouthful (about a teaspoon width) in order to re-create it in my raw food kitchen. But that’s about it.

  1. Japanese Restaurants

At these places I will order Sashimi, Chawanmushi and grilled Hamachi cheek. Nothing else except sometimes a salad.

  1. Restaurants with healthy food choices – Real Foods, Haakon, Cedele and Soup Spoon

Real Foods and Haakon have more choices that I like. But if they are not available, I like Cedele more than Soup Spoon because I find Soup Spoon’s soups much higher in sodium than the former. As usual, my soups are always accompanied by a large salad without dressing. 

  1. Yong Tau Fu stalls at Food courts

The items I choose are fresh green vegetables, tofu, mushrooms (basically unprocessed items), and I ask the cook to blanch my items and serve them dry. Then I’ll eat them with some cut red chili and sesame seeds. This won’t keep me full for long but they last me for an hour or two.

Some of you may be thinking about vegetarian eateries – especially in the Fortune center area. Well, my take is that vegetarian are not really that healthy because most dishes are processed with white flour and MSG, and the oils they use are not healthy.

The truth about many processed plant-based oils is that using them to cook, even if you only cook vegetables, harms us more than eating say a well-prepared grilled salmon steak using clean cooking methods.

In summary, the key is to aim for fresh, unprocessed, plant based whole foods, clean meats, non-carcinogenic methods of cooking, and using clean oils and condiments. 

Exercise and Yoga Routine

I do a combination of H.I.I.T. yoga (including calisthenics), deep stretch and restorative practice every day on the mat, depending on how packed my day is; and at least one aqua yoga practice of 45 minutes every week. 

For me, meditation is a must! Even if it is just a few minutes for a particularly busy day, I find that meditation makes my day a lot more smoother and happier. And that’s why I dedicated my life to teaching the practice to people so that others may also benefit from it.

That’s the end of our sharing for today; and please let us know if you find this useful? And if you have any questions relating to diet and living foods, feel free to drop us a message, we will try our best to reply you within 48 hours. 

To cater to requests, we are considering to run a Living Foods Workshop next year in Jan/Feb 2020! If you would like to participate, let us know early.

In our next article to you, we will touch a bit on recipes and also a bit more sharing on the practices I recommend for land yoga. Let us know if you have any specific requests.

We look forward to helping you get healthier with everyday. 

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